Farm Adventures

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Farm Ventures 
Sunshine Coast 

Farm Adventure Tour & Petting Zoo

Approx 1 1/2 hours 

(4 guest minimum for public petting farm tour, tours are up to 12 guests, 2 separate group maximum.)


includes personal animal goodie bag, petting pen, animal stunts, farm tour. Greet, pet, feed, hold and learn approximately 20 varieties of happy, friendly farm animals.

$15 per/person

Note: We don't take credit/debit cards

Private Farm Adventure Tour & Petting Zoo

 up to 5 adults/children $98   

($12 per additional person)

Add a 15 minute Pony trail ride

$22 per pony or $13.50 per child sharing a pony

(Without Farm Adventure $28)

30 minutes - $38

Rated # 1 things to do Sunshine Coast

Open Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday for Farm Adventure Tours

Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday for  Trail Rides and Pony