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Mobile Farm Packages


Mobile Petting Farm

Private Mobile petting Farm, includes lion lop/angora bunnies, lion heads, guinea pigs, pigeon, silkies, serana, polish chickens, cuddly duck, quail: dwarf goat also available. Chicks/piglets/other baby animals on availability.

*Petting Farm $225 first hour, $85 per additional half hour.  Private 1 1/2 hour minimum

Commercial Mobile petting farm 2 1/2 hour limit. Additional $20 per hour for additional employee. $245 first hour, $95 per additional half hour.

NEW: Bring a Bunny Party to your home or event.

Set up in your home/carport/community hall with Mats and bunny blankets. We bring all the animals included in the mobile petting pen, though less chickens. Cost is $175 for the first hour, $80 per additional half hour. 

Perfect for unpredictable weather.

Opening Hours

10:00am - 4:00pm

Closed Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays


Pony Ride Rental

*Mobile Pony $125 per hour

With petting farm $110 per hour 

Additional ponies $95 per hour 


1 1/2 hour minimum

Delivery within 25km $45.


Birthday Parties

Birthday Tour (no food due to Covid)

Birthday Farm Adventure - includes own animal goodie bags, birthday song from talking horse, peacock feather for Birthday person (any age) 


$98 up to 6 adults/children  

$11 per additional person.

$30 picnic area rental (includes set up)

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